New Zealand 5s


            RED                                                    BLUE                                      GREEN

LORIE YOUNG (C)                           HILDA VOTH (C)                 RON KAYE (C)

SHAWNA PICKRELL                       VERN IVERSON                   JOE CHEMISHNOK

ANN MATHEWSON                      HAL GRIFFITHS                   JOAN S./MARGARET

SHELDON KRAUS                           KAREN MACLEAN             GARRY DOLINSKY

HEATHER EDE                                 JOAN PAGE                          ISOBEL PARKINS

            PURPLE                                             BROWN                                ORANGE

CLEM GRANT (C)                            KITTY COOPER (C)             JOSEPH CHAN (C)

NORM DOUVILLE                          MEL WALKER                      BEV COUTTS

ANDY SHARPE                                BRUCE MACDONALD       VAL MACINTYRE

MARY GLENISTER                          BUD MOWERY                   ARLENE WALKER

MARIE DUNCAN                            GLORIA BERTHELOT          JENNIE MAH

Congratulations to the winners  as follows.

1st Green  $150, 2nd Brown $125, 3rd Orange $100 4th Purple $75, 5th Red $50, 6th Blue $25

Donations of door prizes were received from Cam McLelland, Mary Glenister, Norm Douville, Freshco, and won by Karen MacLean, Anne Mathewson, Shawna Pickrell, Ivan Layton, Mel Walker, Marg Isaak, Sheldon Kraus, and Mary Glenister.                                 Andy Sharpe won the 50/50     $120. 

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