About US

Mayfair Lawn Bowling Club is in the beautiful Ashworth Holmes Park, 923 Ave. D. North. Greens are open from mid-May to October. Bowling activities take place on Tuesday to Friday evenings and on Saturdays.

Bowlers enjoy the challenge, and the sociability of the sport and love the exercise and fresh air. We supply all bowling equipment needed. You will need flat-soled shoes and appropriate outdoor supplies and clothing. We also have on hand some equipment for players with disabilities.

While making renovations to the club facilities in recent years we have considered our environmental impact. The surface surrounding the clubhouse consists of a material made from recycled tires. This year new LED lighting will be installed on the greens. We purchase biodegradable products, compost food scraps and grass clippings, and recycle paper and plastics.

New bowlers are always welcome! For more information visit our Membership page.