First year bowler:                                 $90.00 including bowl rental

Second+ year adult bowler:               $115.00 + $20.00 bowl rental

Associate adult membership:            $35.00 including equipment rental

Non-club member:

$5.00 per hour.  Fee will be credited if a membership is taken.

A Typical Week at Mayfair Lawn Bowling Club:

Monday:                           May Be Available Upon Request

Tuesday:                           6: 45 pm games begin for jitney

Wednesday Morning:    10:00 am games begin for Senior Jitney

(Upon completion of the High-School bowling program in June)

Wednesday Evening:     Juniors/Family 6:30pm

Thursday:                         6:45 pm games begin for Jitney

Friday:                              May Be Available Upon Request

Saturday:                          May Be Available Upon Request

Sunday:                             May Be Available Upon Request