Bowls Update

COVID-19 Update May 30, 2020

Due to the health risks posed by COVID-19 and in accordance with the guidelines put forth by the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Mayfair Lawn Bowling Club remains CLOSED.  The safety of our guests is our primary concern and we hope to bowl later in 2020. Please watch our website and social media channels for further announcements.

Stay Safe

2019 Year End Tournament

Thanks to everyone who came out and participated in the year end tournament!!  Another successful tournament with fantastic participants.  Congrats to our winners Hilda and Cathy!!

Out top eight teams were:
1. Hilda and Cathy
2.  Doug, Bev K and Joan P
3.  Lorraine, Bev C, and Maureen
4.  Ivan and Joe A
5.  Bud and Dana
6.  Joan S and Marieta
7.  Maureen, Terry, and Roy
8.  Owen and Mary

2019 Bowls Championships

Between live updates from the members attending the tournament and the scores posted on the BCB website, I will try to keep this as up to date as possible so we can all cheer on our members who are participating in the national championships.  Good luck to all and safe travels out to Ontario.

**Bowls Canada will be live streaming several games throughout the competition.  Men’s 4’s was streamed on 2019/08/21 and it was a very close game coming down to the wire.  On Saturday at 11:00hrs (Sask time) the ladies Sask B team’s game will be broadcasted.  To view the game go to Facebook and search for Bowls Canada Boulingrin and go to their page.  The video should show up at the top of the page as it is being streamed live.**

Ladies 4’s

Sask A (Lorraine and Moose Jaw/Nutana Teammates) Sask B – (Sydney and Regina Teammates)

Day 1 (08/21)

SK 16 vs ON A 7 SK B 11 vs AB B 14
SK 11 vs SK B 24 SK B 24  vs SK 11

Day 2 (08/22)

SK 5 vs MB 23 SK B 18 vs QC 22
SK 5 vs BC 24 SK B 19 vs MB 11

Day 3 (08/23)

SK 6 vs QC 19 SK B 12 vs ON A 21
SK 18 vs AB A 20 SK B 14 vs ON B 8

Day 4 (08/24)

SK 5 vs NS 23 SK B 10 vs AB A 16
SK 13 vs ON B 16 SK B 17 vs BC 13
SK 13 vs AB B 14 SK B 12 vs NS 20

Men’s 4’s

Sask (Mason and Nutana/Regina Teammates)

Day 1 (08/21)

SK 16 vs MB 19
SK 14 vs ON A 16
SK 8 vs NS B 15

Day 2 (08/22)

SK 14 vs AB 15
SK 6 vs BC 20

Day 3 (08/23)

SK 14 vs QC 9
SK 9 vs AB A 17

Day 4 (08/24)

SK 5 vs NS 29
SK 9 vs ON B 15


Sask – Doug

Day 1 (08/27)

SK 19 vs ON 21
SK 15 vs NS 21

Day 2 (08/28)

SK 16 vs ON 21
SK 21 vs BC 11

Day 3 (08/29)

SK 11 vs QC 21


Singles Play Downs 2019

Outdoor Provincial Play downs were hosted by Nutana Lawn Bowling Club and saw several of our members attend.  Well played by all.  Congratulations to Doug on his BRONZE medal.  Doug will be representing Saskatchewan at the Canadian Championships in Kitchener, ON starting on August 26th.  Good luck Doug!!

Indoor Provincial Play downs were hosted by Regina Lawn Bowling Club.  The tournament was full of tough competitors and Doug came out on top and took the GOLD medal!! Congrats Doug!  Doug will be representing Saskatchewan at the Indoor Singles Championships in Vancouver, BC starting on October 21st.  Good luck Doug!

Provincial Team Play

So I am a little late on the draw on this but……

In the 2019 Provincial Pairs play down hosted at Mayfair.  Our teams (7 pairs teams represented Mayfair!!) saw tough competition.  16 men’s teams and 10 ladies teams battled it out to see who would represent Saskatchewan at the Major’s in Burlington in August.  Congratulations to Sydney and Lorraine on their BRONZE medal!

The four’s play down was hosted in Regina and saw 5 men’s teams and 4 women’s teams also fighting to make it to Burlington in August.  Doug Propp, and his Regina teammates Mark, Pat and Kevin fought hard and came home with the bronze.  Well played gentlemen.   Also on the men’s side Charlie and Mason, along with their teammates Bryon and Jordan from Regina won the A-side and then went on to win the tournament undefeated!! Congratulations on your GOLD medal gentlemen!!

On the ladies side we had our two teams representing Mayfair playing off for the GOLD medal, and the right to represent Saskatchewan in August.  Our teams consisted of Lorraine and her teammates Anne from Nutana, as well as Liz and Kim from Moose Jaw.  These ladies worked hard and were the A-side finalists, beating out some tough competition along the way.  Our second team representing Mayfair consisted of Sydney and her Regina teammates Janice, Janet and Karen.  In the 9:00am gold medal match Sydney and her teammates came out ahead and forced a second game to determine the provincial champion.  In a tight second game, Lorraine and her teammates came out on top to win the GOLD medal and will be representing Saskatchewan in August! Congratulations ladies!!  Saskatchewan was also allotted the B-team in the ladies 4’s so Sydney will also be attending to represent Saskatchewan as the SILVER medalists. Congratulations to Clem and her Regina teammate Harriette, and her Nutana teammates Rachel, and Eileen of their BRONZE medal!!

As always we are very proud of all of our members and cannot wait to cheer you on when you play the best of the best later this year!

(Photos to come )

Barefoot Bowls!

barefoot bowls

Come celebrate National Bowls Day with us on June 8th between 1:00 and 4:00!! Learn about the sport and have some fun with friends!!  No need for shoes, just come wearing something comfy and we will look after the rest!!  BBQ and drinks available for purchase.

If you have any questions please email: mayfairlawnbowlingclub@gmail.com!


New Zealand 5’s 2019

What an outstanding weekend of bowling with representation from Mayfair LBC,  Moose Jaw LBC, Nutanta LBC, and Regina LBC!!  There was such amazing people there this weekend making the teams excellent.

A big thank you to Bill from the Saskatoon Funeral Home, Prairie View Crematorium, Westwood Funeral & Cremation Services, and Family Pet Cremation Services for supporting the tournament 9 years in a row!!

We also have to thank the members for their dedicated support in putting this tournament on.  From setting the greens, running the 50/50 draw, and bringing in delicious desserts.  A tournament like this could not happen without you.

A big congrats to the RED team, consisting of Beverely K, Ernie, Keitlyn Kitty, and Jerry on placing first this year!!  A job well done to everyone!!

Second place went to the PURPLE team consisting of Bud, Eileen, Hilda, Laurie D, Lynn, and Richard!

Third place went to the GREEN team consisting of Anne, Don, Joan S, Sydney and Robert!!

Fourth place went to the BROWN team consisting of Jack, Lorie Y, Lorraine, Mary, Owen, and Roy!!