How to Play

New to bowling? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

During the regular season (May to October), Mayfair hosts “learn to bowl nights” or join a league, and one of our many experienced players will help you learn the game.

Thanks to BowlsSask for the 15 steps of how to play. Visit BowlsSask for more information about clubs throughout Saskatchewan.

  1. A normal club game consists of 12 ends and lasts less than 2 hours
  2. It’s a lot like curling on grass, only MUCH WARMER (and many would say more challenging)
  3. Bowls are not round, the sides are flattened.  The running surface is also asymmetrical with one side of the surface being more round than the other which makes the bowl “curl” to one side or the other.
  4. The amount of “curl” depends mainly on the speed of the green and can range from as little as a foot (on a very soft green) to as much as 20 feet on a hard, fast green
  5. Games can be played with 1-4 players per team
  6. In singles and pairs each player plays 4 bowls
  7. In triples each player plays 3 bowls
  8. In fours each player plays 2 bowls
  9. The first bowler can choose the position of the mat on the centerline of the green
  10. The first player (lead) rolls a 3″ white ball (called a “jack” or “kitty”) towards the opposite end of the green to become the target
  11. Provided the jack is bowled far enough (21 meters) and remains in play, it is centered on the green and the same player then rolls a bowl from the mat, trying to stop it as near as possible to the jack
  12. Players take turns, by position, delivering their bowls until all bowls have been played
  13. A bowl is permitted to strike and move the jack, or to knock it out of play (causing the end to be replayed)
  14. A bowl is permitted to strike and move other bowls, or to knock them out of play
  15. A bowl (during its original course) that strikes the jack becomes a “toucher”
  16. A jack or a “toucher” that goes into the end ditch is LIVE provided it stays inbounds
  17. The team whose bowl is nearest the jack counts one point for each bowl they have nearer to the jack than their opponents’ best bowl
  18. The team that last scored must deliver the Jack.