Fours Competition 2022

The Fours Competition held at Mayfair Lawn Bowling was another successful tournament! The turn out was amazing and congrats to all the bowlers especially the winners.

First Place: Team Pituley

Second Place Men’s: Team Watson

First Place Women’s: Team Roney

Second Place Women’s: Team Pituley


New Zealand Five 2022

Another great New Zealand Five. It was a record year for enrollment with eight teams! The last time we had a full slate of teams was 11 years ago.

It was a perfect day, and all the bowlers played exceptionally well. We had teams from North Battleford, Moose Jaw, our neighbours Nutana Lawn Bowling Club, and all the way from North Vancouver, BC.

Congratulations to all the teams! Visit our gallery to see pictures of the event.

Thank you to our Sponsors!
– Fresh Co
– Members: Ron Kaye and Shawna Pickrell
– Edwards Family Centre
– Family Pet Cremation Services
– Prairie View Crematorium
– Westwood Funeral + Crematorium Services
– Saskatoon Funeral Home

First: Purple Team Second: Red TeamThird: Blue TeamFourth: Orange TeamFifth: Black TeamSixth: Brown TeamSeventh: Yellow TeamEighth: Green Team
Maureen StranaghanRon Kay
Eileen McLellandJoseph ChanMalcom (Malky) TaylorAndy SharpeGary LaurenceKitty Cooper
Malcom (Mally) TaylorLaurie DebrowneyShawna PickerellMarie DuncanIvan LaytonNorm DouvilleVern IversonSheldon Kraus
Cam MclellandCathy GrantBev CouttsJerry DebrowneyBrian DavisBruce MacDonaldHeather HowardHilda Voth
Daniel MorinLorie Y / felicity HoggMel WalkerMary GlenisterAnne MathewsonVal MacIntyreRichard BellamyIsobel Parkin
Arlene ChermishnokArlene WalkerLorraine LaytonHal GriffithsJoe ChermishnokKaren BousquetGloria BethelotLynda Kaye
New Zealand Five 2022 Players and Team Ranking – Congratulations to all the teams!

Coop Fundraiser

Coop Gift Cards are available for purchase. This is a fundraiser for our club and are available for you to purchase. They cards can be used in all Saskatoon locations including Martinsville, Warman, Colonsay, Watrous, Hepburn, Rosthern, Dalmeny and Waldheim, as well as many other participating Coop locations in Western Canada.

For more information about purchasing a Coop Gift Card, please send us an email or touch base with any of the current Board Members!

2022 New Zealand 5

11th Annual NEW ZEALAND FIVE 2022


 Register as an individual and you will be placed on a team of five. The draw master will balance teams, new to seasoned bowlers.

  COST:  $25.00 per bowler which includes 4 games of bowling and a hamburger, chips and drink. 

First to enter by email will be on #1 list. If we have more than 30 entries, we will have a waiting list and if 10 more bowlers are wishing to play we will move to 40 entries. Entry @

 Entry deadline is Sun. May  15, 2022

Games  begin 9 a.m.  Triples/pairs, and fours/ singles in the a.m. and again in the p.m. Each game will have a different skip and the same bowler, cannot play the singles twice. Come early to register, arrange teams, practise, if you wish. Announcements will begin 8:45 a.m.

Scoring : 2 points for win, 1 for tie and +/- shots will break ties( max. 15 points +/-) then ends if necessary.

Each game will be 1 ¼ hours, with a 15 minute break between games,  and 1 – 1 ¼  hour lunch break, depending on number of players entered.     We will have a 50/50 draw at end of the day.

               Sponsors: Bill Edwards & Companies: Ron Kaye,

 1st   $150              2nd  $125             3rd $100                    4th $50 

**prize money may increase as sponsorships come in.**