On Aug 21, 22nd in Regina our Northern winners of play downs will be competing.      We wish them great success.

     LADIES  PAIRS                                                        MEN’S PAIRS

             NORTH                                                            NORTH

Eileen McLelland/Rachel Larson             Doug Propp/Owen Wright

Maureen Stranaghan/Cathy Grant        Cam McLelland/Brian Davis

             SOUTH                                                             SOUTH

Jean Roney/Jordan Kos                           Carter Watson/Brandon Watson

Heather Hanoski/Anita Nivala                Keith Roney/Bryan McMillan

                                                 MIXED PAIRS

             NORTH                                                             SOUTH

Viv Immelman/Laurie Debrowney         Carter Watson/Jordan Kos

Cam McLelland/Eileen McLelland      Jonathan Pituley/Harriette Pituley

           SINGLES –                Aug 28, 29     at Mayfair

     NORTH   LADIES     SOUTH                          NORTH     MEN’S     SOUTH  

Bev Coutts          Heather Hanoski          Doug Propp         Darrel Hanoski

Kitty Cooper        Tracey McPherson       Lo Wong        Kevin Welykholowa

Sydney Boyd       Clem Grant                   Viv Immelman    Jordan Gailey

Women’s Triples

Lorie Young

Bev Coutts

Hilda Voth

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