2021 Calendar of Events

July 1 Canada Day at Mayfair
July 17-18 Men’s & Women’s Pairs – North Playdowns at Mayfair
July 24-25 Mixed Pairs – North Playdowns at Nutana
July 31- August 1 Marion Pillar Tournament at Nutana
August 7-8 Singles – North Playdowns at Mayfair
August 10-12 Senior Triples’ Finals at Nutana
August 21 New Zealand 5 Tournament at Mayfair
August 24 Ice cream Social Exchange at Mayfair
August 26 Ice cream Social Exchange at Nutana
August 28-29 Singles’ Finals at Mayfair
Sept. 4 Grassroots Tournament at Nutana
Sept. 6 Pancake Breakfast at Mayfair
Sept. 11 North Battleford Day at Nutana
Sept. 12 Mayfair Club Wind-up Day – tentative
Sept. 17 Last day of season events. All bowling league schedules are completed.
Sept. 18-19 Bowls Sask. Fall Tournament at Regina
Sept. 26, 2 p.m. MLBC Annual General Meeting

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