New Zealand 5s


            RED                                                    BLUE                                      GREEN

LORIE YOUNG (C)                           HILDA VOTH (C)                 RON KAYE (C)

SHAWNA PICKRELL                       VERN IVERSON                   JOE CHEMISHNOK

ANN MATHEWSON                      HAL GRIFFITHS                   JOAN S./MARGARET

SHELDON KRAUS                           KAREN MACLEAN             GARRY DOLINSKY

HEATHER EDE                                 JOAN PAGE                          ISOBEL PARKINS

            PURPLE                                             BROWN                                ORANGE

CLEM GRANT (C)                            KITTY COOPER (C)             JOSEPH CHAN (C)

NORM DOUVILLE                          MEL WALKER                      BEV COUTTS

ANDY SHARPE                                BRUCE MACDONALD       VAL MACINTYRE

MARY GLENISTER                          BUD MOWERY                   ARLENE WALKER

MARIE DUNCAN                            GLORIA BERTHELOT          JENNIE MAH

Congratulations to the winners  as follows.

1st Green  $150, 2nd Brown $125, 3rd Orange $100 4th Purple $75, 5th Red $50, 6th Blue $25

Donations of door prizes were received from Cam McLelland, Mary Glenister, Norm Douville, Freshco, and won by Karen MacLean, Anne Mathewson, Shawna Pickrell, Ivan Layton, Mel Walker, Marg Isaak, Sheldon Kraus, and Mary Glenister.                                 Andy Sharpe won the 50/50     $120. 


On Aug 21, 22nd in Regina our Northern winners of play downs will be competing.      We wish them great success.

     LADIES  PAIRS                                                        MEN’S PAIRS

             NORTH                                                            NORTH

Eileen McLelland/Rachel Larson             Doug Propp/Owen Wright

Maureen Stranaghan/Cathy Grant        Cam McLelland/Brian Davis

             SOUTH                                                             SOUTH

Jean Roney/Jordan Kos                           Carter Watson/Brandon Watson

Heather Hanoski/Anita Nivala                Keith Roney/Bryan McMillan

                                                 MIXED PAIRS

             NORTH                                                             SOUTH

Viv Immelman/Laurie Debrowney         Carter Watson/Jordan Kos

Cam McLelland/Eileen McLelland      Jonathan Pituley/Harriette Pituley

           SINGLES –                Aug 28, 29     at Mayfair

     NORTH   LADIES     SOUTH                          NORTH     MEN’S     SOUTH  

Bev Coutts          Heather Hanoski          Doug Propp         Darrel Hanoski

Kitty Cooper        Tracey McPherson       Lo Wong        Kevin Welykholowa

Sydney Boyd       Clem Grant                   Viv Immelman    Jordan Gailey

Women’s Triples

Lorie Young

Bev Coutts

Hilda Voth

2021 Calendar of Events

July 1 Canada Day at Mayfair
July 17-18 Men’s & Women’s Pairs – North Playdowns at Mayfair
July 24-25 Mixed Pairs – North Playdowns at Nutana
July 31- August 1 Marion Pillar Tournament at Nutana
August 7-8 Singles – North Playdowns at Mayfair
August 10-12 Senior Triples’ Finals at Nutana
August 21 New Zealand 5 Tournament at Mayfair
August 24 Ice cream Social Exchange at Mayfair
August 26 Ice cream Social Exchange at Nutana
August 28-29 Singles’ Finals at Mayfair
Sept. 4 Grassroots Tournament at Nutana
Sept. 6 Pancake Breakfast at Mayfair
Sept. 11 North Battleford Day at Nutana
Sept. 12 Mayfair Club Wind-up Day – tentative
Sept. 17 Last day of season events. All bowling league schedules are completed.
Sept. 18-19 Bowls Sask. Fall Tournament at Regina
Sept. 26, 2 p.m. MLBC Annual General Meeting

New Zealand 5

10th Annual NEW ZEALAND FIVE 2021
Register as an individual and you will be placed on a team of five. The draw master will balance teams, new to seasoned bowlers.
COST: $20.00 per bowler which includes 4 games of bowling and a hamburger, chips and drink.
We must have 30 bowlers enter, to begin this event. First to enter by email will be on #1 list. If we have more than 30 entries, we will have a waiting list and if 10 more bowlers are wishing to play we will move to 40 entries. Entry @
Entry deadline is Sun. Aug. 15th
Games will begin at 9 a.m. We will play a game of triples/pairs and fours/singles in the a.m. and again in the p.m. Each game will have a different skip. The same bowler cannot play the singles game twice. Please come early to register, arrange teams, and practise if you wish. Announcements will begin 8:45 a.m.
Scoring : 2 points for win, 1 for tie and +/- shots will break ties (max. 15 points +/-) then ends if necessary.
Each game will be 1 ¼ hours, with a 15 minute break between games, and 1 – 1 ¼ hour lunch break, depending on number of players entered. We will have a 50/50 draw at end of the day.

1st $125 2nd $100 3rd $75 4th $50

2021 North Pairs Playdowns

Mayfair Lawn Bowling Club, Saskatoon had the privilege of hosting the Pairs Bowling Playdowns for North Saskatchewan July 16 to18, 2021. Six teams were entered in both Men’s and Women’sPairs competition. Teams and spectators were treated to some close games and excellent shot making efforts.The top two Men’s and Women’s teams will compete at the Provincial Tournament to be held in Regina on August 21, 2021.

Men’s and Women’s Pairs results  July 18, 2021

Women’s Pairs  1st    Rachel L, skip / Eileen M, lead.  Nutana Lawn Bowling Club

                          2nd  Maureen S, skip / Cathy G, lead.  Nutana Lawn Bowling Club

Men’s Pairs.       1st  Doug P, skip / Owen W, lead. Mayfair Lawn Bowling Club

                           2nd Cam M, skip / Brian D, lead. Nutana Lawn Bowling Club