Summer 2021

April 16th update: With the recent restrictions imposed by the Province of Saskatchewan we must continue to adhere to safety protocols and rulings that are in place. As things change and evolve we will keep you updated.

The Semi-Annual AGM will now be May 2nd at 1:00PM. Stay tuned for updates.

Bowls Sask will have a $25 fee for members for the 2021 season.

Anyone wishing to renew their Respect in Sport Certificate may do so online. The fee is $35 and will be paid by Bowls Sask. Any previous certificates will have expired, and the course retaken.


Mayfair Lawn Bowling Club will be offering a membership for $100.00 this season! Included in your membership is access to all draws and all events hosted by the club, bowl and equipment rental, and the opportunity to enter a provincial event. More details on these events will be available soon.

The board of Mayfair Lawn Bowling Club has been working hard to make this summer unforgettable. Currently our board is as follows:

  • Ivan Layton – appointed president
  • Hilda Voth – secretary
  • Lorraine Layton – treasurer
  • Directors: Joe Chermishnok, Beverley Kenyon, Joan Sande and Hal Griffiths

We would like to increase the number of members currently on our board to 10. Please consider becoming a director.

We have a date set for our combined AGM (from September) and our semi-AGM slated for April 25th at 1:00 P.M. We are hoping that the weather will allow us to use the clubhouse or open space for this meeting.

Club clean up day has been set for May 1st, updates to follow. Assistance is also needed in filling our score boards with advertising.

Unfortunately this year we will not be selling Co-Op gift cards.

Bowls Canada has announced that there will be no Canadian Championships this year.

Stay Safe.

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