New Zealand 5’s 2019

What an outstanding weekend of bowling with representation from Mayfair LBC,  Moose Jaw LBC, Nutanta LBC, and Regina LBC!!  There was such amazing people there this weekend making the teams excellent.

A big thank you to Bill from the Saskatoon Funeral Home, Prairie View Crematorium, Westwood Funeral & Cremation Services, and Family Pet Cremation Services for supporting the tournament 9 years in a row!!

We also have to thank the members for their dedicated support in putting this tournament on.  From setting the greens, running the 50/50 draw, and bringing in delicious desserts.  A tournament like this could not happen without you.

A big congrats to the RED team, consisting of Beverely K, Ernie, Keitlyn Kitty, and Jerry on placing first this year!!  A job well done to everyone!!

Second place went to the PURPLE team consisting of Bud, Eileen, Hilda, Laurie D, Lynn, and Richard!

Third place went to the GREEN team consisting of Anne, Don, Joan S, Sydney and Robert!!

Fourth place went to the BROWN team consisting of Jack, Lorie Y, Lorraine, Mary, Owen, and Roy!! 

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